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Sheryl Masters HealthCoach

Hello! I’m Sheryl, a registered PREKURE Health Coach and a member of HCANZA, promoting general wellness and specialising in supporting people with Pre and Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve been helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals through expert nutrition counselling tailored specifically for their bodies.

A whole health approach looks at eating, wellness, food choices and exercise. We don’t count calories!

Results that last

With a Holistic approach that considers mental, physical, and spiritual health alongside supportive nutrition, never underestimate your power to take your life in a new direction.


Good food is one of life's great pleasures; nurture your body with whole foods that will help you thrive, not just survive! Learn not to be afraid of FAT!

Mental Health &

Take care of your emotional well-being and give yourself permission and the time to heal by focusing on yourself! Nurture the body and the soul.


Incorporating fasting into your routine gives the body time to rest, recover, repair, and rebuild. Taking care of you from the inside out.


Light physical activity, including walking and resistance exercise, can help lower your blood glucose and help you to feel clear-headed.

What my clients are saying

& Health Blog

Read the latest from my blog for tips to supercharge your health as well as reviews on the latest trends in health and my views on some of the latest research. 

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